ICT & Computing


At Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy, we believe that computers are valuable tools that may be used to further enhance the curriculum already in place within the school. ICT is not taught as a distinct subject, but it is a tool to be embedded throughout the curriculum. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for students to use information effectively.  

Aims of our ICT & Computing Curriculum

  • Work with increasing independence in communication, language and literacy 
  • To enable our students to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. 
  • Work on skills across the curriculum with increased confidence and understanding 
  • To use ICT where possible to enhance students' learning in all areas of the curriculum 
  • Become fully involved in physical and practical activities using tools, such as switch technology, allowing control of the immediate environment and aids mobility. 
  • To introduce the students to a wide range of ICT applications and tools, such as word processing, databases, graphics and software for control technology and processing sound pictures 
  • To help students acquire the skills to use appropriate ICT tools effectively, with purpose and enjoyment 
  • To use ICT to develop the partnership beyond the school using the internet and email. 
  • To celebrate success in the use of ICT