Assessment & Progress

Our Assessment Levels

Following the recommendations from the Rochford Review (2016) for the removal of P-Levels, we have developed our own Parkwood Hall (PWH) assessment levels. The PWH levels have been designed to assess the development of students’ skills and to bridge the gap to Entry Levels.

Assessment routes

Our Assessment Cycle

Every student entering Parkwood Hall has a unique starting point; this enables us to have an individualised assessment approach. We recognise that progress can look different for each student and pride ourselves on working in a collaborative multi-disciplined way to ensure that each student makes unique progress to lead a fulfilled life. 

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Outcomes Reports

Evidence for Learning

Evidence for learning logoStudent’s progress is recorded by teaching staff termly on Evidence for Learning (EFL). EFL is our main platform to capture summative progress through photograph and written evidence, and is also used to share information, including Individual Education Plans, with our Parents/ Carers.

We recognise that progress looks different for each student and pride ourselves on working in a collaborative multi-disciplined way to ensure that each student makes unique progress to lead a fulfilled life.

We have had some very positive feedback about Evidence for Learning from our staff and from Parents/ Carers:

"Allows parents to see how activities relate to the curriculum and assessment." - Staff member

"It is very positive for parents to see what the students are learning and how best their child learns." - Staff member

"Good way of sharing not just photos but videos as well of students. I like how you could upload activities for students, this comes in handy especially when parents want ideas for the holiday." - Staff member

"Very easy to use and share information" - Parent/ Carer

"Good to see how things are done and put in place rather than just reading about it in home/school book." - Parent/ Carer 

"Gave an insight into child’s learning and how things are implemented, thus, being able to put the same in place at home to work alongside school." - Parent/ Carer