Our Curriculum

Our Mission

Growth through personal social development

Curriculum Intent

We believe that every student has the entitlement to a curriculum that enhances their learning experiences, engages them and ensures that they have the opportunity to practice their skills in context. Our curriculum will enthuse students with challenges that are set around a first-hand experiential approach. Activities and experiences will be planned that engage students in practical application of their learning and ensure that they have focused learning opportunities. Core skills will be transferred and applied, when practical, across the curriculum and challenges will be set and experiences provided that engage and motivate in a real-life context.

Curriculum Entitlement Booklet

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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual learner. Teachers planning will ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to enhance progress. We recognise that different pupils have different strengths and needs. It is therefore essential that curriculum strands are not seen in isolation, but rather as a pathway of continuous learning.

Each half-term is approximately 6 weeks and each term has a broad theme. Themes are to spark both creativity of approach towards cross curricular learning. Different themes will have a leaning towards different curricular area, but across the year, all areas will be visited with an emphasis on progress. Broad themes are visited twice across a school year, with a different emphasis on student development. Each broad theme has a 3-year cycle link. 

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Curriculum Pathways

Students are baselined against the relevant criteria, e.g. PWH/ Pearson, when they join Parkwood Hall.

Students baselined as working below PWH4:

  • Will engage in non-subject specific learning and will be accessed through SCERTS, Routes for Learning and the Engagement Profiles.
  • Students within this area will have the opportunity to take accredited courses (e.g. ASDAN) when they enter KS4 and KS5. 

Students working at PWH4 or above:

  • Will be assessed on the PWH assessment criteria for English and Maths. The completion of PWH10 equates to functional skills Entry Level 1 and students will be equipped to take the Entry Level 1 assessment. Students will progress onto Entry Level 2 and have the opportunity to work towards functional skills Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications.
  • Students working below PWH10 at the end of KS3 will also have the opportunity to work towards accredited courses (e.g. ASDAN and AQA unit awards in English and Maths) when they enter KS4 and KS5.  

Curriculum pathways

Our Curriculum Leads

If you would like further information about our Curriculum, please contact either:

Ozlem Strong, Senior Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Stephen Maragh, Assistant Principal (Learning Pathway 1)

Katie Trew, Assistant Principal (Learning Pathway 2)

Narinder Haines, Assistant Principal (Learning Pathway 3 and Vocational Lead)