Parkwood Hall School has long recognised the importance of a healthy diet for all students, and especially for those with special educational needs.

The Catering Manager and his team work hard to ensure that meals are balanced and interesting, encouraging those students who tend to have a somewhat restricted diet to be more adventurous. We see meal times as part of the students education even though it can be restricted.  Meal times are a very important aspect of social communication and interaction, and the dining Room is carefully organised to facilitate this. Supervision levels in the dining Room are very high, with 1 to 1 support available to those students who need it. 

The cost of meals is included in the fees recouped from local authorities and we do not allow day students to bring in packed lunches. Very occasionally students will have specific dietary requirements which present particular challenges for the catering team and we are always happy to receive assistance from parents with specialised items in these cases. 

Staff are trained to support students with dysphagia. 

Menu Spring Term 2021/2022