School Council

At Parkwood Hall Cooperative Academy, we would like our students to play an active role in their education, community, and environment. To support this, we have a Primary and Secondary School Council that come together to represent their peers’ views, ideas, and concerns. The School Council is an essential tool to help develop the school. 

Aims of the School Council 

  • To uphold the values of the school.
  • To gather student views and present them at School Council meetings which will be shared with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
  • To help identify areas in which improvements can be made to benefit the school. 
  • To contribute to the curriculum. 
  • To help raise issues that are of concern such as bullying.
  • To develop leadership and social skills. 

What the School Council can achieve:

  • Collect food for our local foodbank. 
  • Toy drive. 
  • Change the food options for school lunch.
  • Participated in interviews of Senior Leaders.
  • Discussed with SLT the need for outside equipment for students. 
  • Input in the PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) curriculum. 
  • Reward system for students.
  • Fundraise.

How School Council at Parkwood Works:

1st Step: Class Meetings

2nd Step: Outcomes from class meetings will be presented at a School Council Meeting by the Primary School Council members.

3rd Step: Secondary Council Team will receive the meetings outcome and will express their opinion on the decisions taken.

4th Step: Primary Council will take concerns and decisions to SLT

5th Step: Primary Council will set up actions and nominate individuals to achieve them.

Meetings Group A Dates:
Term 1 28.09.2023
Term 2 23.11.2023
Term 3 25.01.2024
Term 4 14.03.2024
Term 5 09.05.2024
Term 6 27.06.2024
Meetings Group B Dates:
Term 1 05.10.2023
Term 2 30.11.2023
Term 3 01.02.2024
Term 4 21.03.2024
Term 5 16.05.2024
Term 6 04.07.2024