PE & Sports Premium

Physical Education at Parkwood Hall aims to develop an engaging, high targeted and tailored curriculum for all four Learning Pathways, ensuring that all students can access, excel and develop in a physical capacity. 

The curriculum allows students at Parkwood Hall to become physically literate, supporting their physical and mental health and wellbeing, providing the foundations for lifelong participation. 

We offer all students the opportunity to develop fundamental skills that work on building character and embed values which includes resilience, teamwork, leadership and respect. Parkwood Hall focuses on ensuring that students are physically literate which include;

Social development building students’ social skills and resilience in isolated and competitive situations, 

Cognitive development allowing students to think in a variety of ways to help solve problems to get to the same outcome goal,

Physical development which allows students to build on their confidence and competence to take part in physical activity in both lessons and extracurricular opportunities. 

Boccia at Parkwood Hall

Boccia is a strategic target sport requiring skill, accuracy, mental toughness and an ability to think clearly and execute tough shots when under pressure. By developing the technical skills required to play boccia, a player will develop their movement skills.

A player can apply the improvement in the movement skills to enhance their functional ability and remain active for longer. Enhancing the tactical skills required to play boccia, a player will develop their decision making skills that will then help a player to develop their ability to be independent and make their own decisions during everyday tasks

On Wednesday, March 13th, Parkwood Hall has enrolled in the Kent School Games SEND event for Boccia. The participation will involve two teams from Learning Pathway 1 and one team from Learning Pathway 2. We are filled with enthusiasm for this upcoming event.

Football at Parkwood Hall 


2023 -2024 sees Parkwood Hall start to increase their provision of extra curricular competitions and tournaments. This year we have entered the South London Special Schools League which will be hosted at Long Lane Junior Football Club in Eltham. These fixtures will be every Wednesday dependant on the league that we have entered. This year we have entered the MLD U16, U14 and U12. 

Wednesday 17th January 2024 UNDER 16 Football Team 

We arrived at Long Lane Junior Football club with not only one team but two brand-new teams of 12 players, representing the U16’s, with many being played up to ensure that our U16 students could play. This was a 4-group round robin tournament with 10-minute games and around 5 - 6 games being played over a rather bitter cold 2-hour period. 

The score line unfortunately was not on our side however it was reiterated to students that the score line was irrelevant and what we were focussing on was having a starting point for us to build upon. 

Our students were a testament to us demonstrating on the field perseverance, resilience, and determination to improve through the mini fixtures. The students were up against some very well drilled SEND teams with over 5 years of training together. This did not phase students by the end of the festival. 

This week saw 14 students travelling to Long Lane Junior Football club, with a warmer Wednesday on the cards. We had entered an U14 (Year 9) Parkwood Hall A Team and U14 (Year 8) Parkwood Hall B Team. The tournament consisted of 7 teams and a round robin tournament being played. Both teams played 6 games each.

Parkwood Hall A Team Scoresheet

1 – 0 (loss)

1 – 0 (win)

4 – 1 (win)

0 - 0 (draw)

2 – 2 (draw)

2 – 1 (loss)

Parkwood Hall B Team Scoresheet

3 – 0 (loss)

4 – 0 (loss)

4 – 0 (loss)

3 - 1 (loss)

4 - 1 (loss)

5 – 3 (win)

This was an outstanding week for all our students, structure was observed in the games, goals were scored, some incredible defending by both teams and finally a team performance that made all teachers, staff and students proud.

Wednesday 31st January saw a smaller group of students and our youngest footballers from Year 5 – Year 7 travelling to Long Lane Junior football club. The tournament was on a far smaller scale which really enthused our students and settled them as they made their way on to the pitch. Students were missing a key player however their team ethic and cohesion on and off the pitch was exceptional which led to their first score sheet and a great varied scoresheet at that.

Parkwood Hall U 12 Scoreline
4 – 1 (loss)
1 – 0 (win)
0 – 0 (draw)

Our U12 team were awarded with a trophy for their outstanding Teamwork and their overall performance on the pitch.

Wednesday 28th February 2024 UNDER 16 Football Team 

Wednesday was another challenging day for our U16 team as they journeyed to Long Lane Junior Club to participate in the U16 Football Tournament. As mentioned earlier, the players remained undeterred by the score lines. They entered each game with a clean slate of 0-0, and on several occasions, the score did not accurately represent the evident effort, teamwork, and communication observed from the sidelines. The team managed to score numerous goals, contributing to the continual growth of their goal tally. 

Wednesday 6th March 2024 UNDER 14 Football Team
On March 6th, we made the decision to form an A Team and a B Team, allowing for more strategic choices both on and off the field. This resulted in a slow beginning for both teams as they adapted their playing styles and learned how to complement each other. Communication played a vital role for both squads, and by the third match, our A Team celebrated their first win in the tournament, while the B Team achieved a well-earned draw.

As the tournament progressed, the score line declined, with stronger teams reaching the conclusion of the playing schedule. Once again, Parkwood Hall students proved to be a testament to the PE team and all staff involved. They persevered throughout the tournament, showcasing high expectations of themselves and their teammates, outstanding team cohesion, sportsmanship, and, most importantly, accepting the outcome of each game without allowing it to personally affect them.

Wednesday 13th March 2024 UNDER 12 Football Team

Rowing at Parkwood Hall

Junior Indoor Rowing Competition 

On December 7th, our students embarked on a journey to Gravesend, St John's Catholic Secondary School, for a local indoor rowing competition. Their conduct and teamwork were exemplary, reflecting positively on our school. Despite the added anxiety of competing against mainstream students, our students handled the pressure well, earning praise from a couple of schools who noted their exceptional behavior. Parkwood's involvement was particularly appreciated.

Team 1: Secured a commendable 3rd place out of 10 teams.

Team 2: Finishing 7th in their relay out of 10 teams.

Individually, competing against 13 participants from 5 other schools, our students achieved noteworthy positions in their respective races:

  • Year 7 7th place 
  • Year 9 3rd place, 4th place, 7th Place 
  • Year 10 3rd place, 7th place, 8th place and 11th place. 

This marked a highly successful inaugural tournament. A special thank you to all classes for their support in utilising the rowing machines through term 1 & 2. Your encouragement and motivation for our students to virtually row the Thames were instrumental in their ability to compete and succeed in today's competition.

National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition 

The National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition saw the participation of 20 students at The London Cooper Box Arena on Friday, March 1st. The atmosphere was vibrant but intense, creating a potentially overwhelming sensory experience for our competing students. The arena, filled with enthusiastic spectators and pulsating music, provided a unique setting where our students found themselves at the heart of a sporting event enjoyed by over 1200 participants from various parts of the country and many different educational settings.

In the SEND Year 7 race, our students achieved impressive results, securing the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th, 13th, and 14th positions out of 30. Notably, one student in Learning Pathway 2 came 2nd, narrowly missing the title of National Champion in Rowing by just 1 meter—an exceptional accomplishment for our Year 7 cohort.

Moving to Year 8, two students participated, achieving the 9th and 22nd positions out of 30.

In Year 9, our students excelled with placements of 5th, 7th, 9th, 15th, and 22nd out of 26.

Year 10 showcased consistent performance, securing the 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 15th positions.

In the Year 11 category, our participants achieved a commendable 6th place.

An outstanding event held by London Rowing and facilitated due to our succesful bid process through Active Rowing Kent. 

Table Cricket at Parkwood Hall

Table Cricket at Parkwood Hall 

Term 3 & 4 we have been very fortunate in working with Kent Cricket who have secured funding for our students for two termly blocks of free cricket coaching, both table cricket and also Kwik Cricket. The game of Table Cricket provides an opportunity for our students with physical or learning disabilities to play competitive cricket, Table Cricket can be played by anyone and the weather can't intervene.

Wednesday 21st February 2024 Table Cricket Competition  

Parkwood Hall journeyed to Beckenham County Cricket Ground to engage in a spirited competition against six other schools and numerous teams. Our contingent comprised 12 students organized into two teams. The B Team secured an impressive second-place finish in the overall competition, while the A Team clinched the top spot. As a result, our A Team is now in contention to potentially represent Kent in the Table Cricket Regionals. This event proved to be a valuable experience for our students following Learning Pathway Two, contributing to the enhancement of their communication, teamwork, and listening skills.

We are excited to announce that 6 of our students will be travelling to Crawley K2 Leisure Center to represent Parkwood Hall and also Kent in the Regional Finals of Table Cricket on Tuesday 23rd April 2024.


Tuesday 23rd April 2024 Regional Finals of Table Cricket 

We are South East Regional Winners 2024 

South East Regional Table Cricket Winners


Parkwood Hall embarked on an exhilarating journey to the Crawley K2 Leisure Center, where they participated in a spirited competition alongside six other schools and numerous teams. After showcasing their talent and dedication, we are thrilled to share that seven of our exceptional students have been selected to journey to the Nursery Pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. There, they will proudly represent Parkwood Hall and the South East Region in the Country Finals of Table Cricket on Thursday, June 27th, 2024.

Squash at Parkwood Hall

We have been very fortunate in working with Access Sport who have secured funding for our students for three, one-hour Inclusive Squash sessions at Sundridge Park Club- Tennis and Squash. We look forward to this opportunity arising in March 2024. Successes and Pictures to follow.

Group One Tuesday 12th March 2024 1:15- 2:15pm 

Group Two Tuesday 19th March 2024 1:15- 2:15pm 

Group Three Tuesday 26th March 2024 1:15- 2:15pm