Health & Physical Education


At Parkwood Hall, we believe that engagement and participation in meaningful physical activities for all children is essential for their health and wellbeing. Regardless of their ability, we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, contributes to the personal development of all our students.

Aims of our Health and Physical Education Curriculum

  • The personal development of the whole child will be achieved.
  • Our students will feel good about themselves.
  • Teachers’ confidence in teaching PE will increase.
  • Students will try new physical activities and will be well supported by our staff.
  • Our students’ level of participation in physical activity and positive experiences in  sport will increase so that they can build a lifetime of a habit of participation and  develop healthy lifestyles.
  • A highly inclusive culture where all our students belong whilst remaining active will  be developed across diverse environments: school, home, community.
  • Opportunities to develop leadership and volunteering will be also available to our  students.
  • Students will show secured and sustained progress in the three main areas: head,  heart and hands.
  • They will achieve their personalised and EHCP targets.
  • The student will be supported to build character, develop resilience, confidence, determination and enjoyment for being active. 

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