Maths (Numbers for Life)


All students at Parkwood Hall have the opportunity to experience and engage in all areas of mathematics at times appropriate to their individual developmental needs. Students begin accessing mathematical learning through sensory exploration and play with opportunities gradually becoming more concrete and varied. As students’ knowledge and skills develop, learning becomes more abstract with representational thought.


Aims of our Maths (Numbers for Life) Curriculum

  • To teach the skills of mathematics in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the needs of individual students at Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy.
  • To provide an environment and teaching methods which allow students to develop their mathematical skills, regardless of their ability.
  • To promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion which reflects the importance of mathematics.
  • To provide opportunities to apply mathematical concepts to real life contexts.
  • To teach mathematics using a variety of approaches, visual stimuli and resources that meet our students’ individual needs.
  • To take into consideration the developmental stage, age and learning style of individual students and ensure that appropriate learning objectives are set.
  • To develop every student’s self-confidence and self-esteem, by giving them enjoyable and positive learning experiences.
  • To ensure that, where appropriate, students achieve accreditation in Mathematics through external awarding bodies.

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