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Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy Prospectus

Admissions Process

Information for Local Authorities:

  • Consultation - The more information you provide, the more accurate we can be in indicating whether or not we can meet the individual’s needs. At the very least, send us a copy of: (a) the Education Health Care Plan, (b) the supporting documentation and (c) the last 2 Annual Reviews. If there are Speech and Language, OT, EP and other relevant assessments, please include these.
  • Consideration and Response - The School Leadership Team (SLT) meet every week and will assess the suitability of the school to meet the individual’s Special Educational Needs and the suitability of a placement at Parkwood. The school will write formally to the LA with its views.
  • Placement Suitability Evaluation - If, in the professional opinion of the school, it is likely that the school can meet the individual’s needs, then we will arrange a Placement Suitability Evaluation (PSE). This lasts 2 or 3 days (with 2 overnight stays for residential placements) following which we write a short report and make a decision about whether or not to offer a place. We may either (a) offer a place, (b) offer a place subject to additional resources, or (c) state that we are unable to offer a place.

Please note that we never offer a place unless we have carried out a PSE.

Information for parents:

We always welcome visits and you are invited to provide us with copies of any information you think may be useful. However, we must be consulted formally by the home local authority (LA) concerning our suitability to meet your child’s needs. The LA must consult with us under the Code of Practice.