Core Values

Our Mission Statement

School Philosophy:

Parkwood Hall School is a residential and day school for students aged 7 to 19 with Moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties and a variety of additional needs, including aspects of the Autistic Spectrum and Speech Language and Communication Needs.

Our approach is highly specialised and holistic, ensuring that all the professionals working with and on behalf of the students (e.g. Teachers, TAs, Residential Education staff, Speech Language & Communication Therapists, OTs and Psychotherapists) do so in a fully integrated manner.

Core Values:

At the core of what we do at Parkwood Hall School is our mission statement:

“Growth through Personal and Social Development”.

This does not just apply to the students with whom we work; we believe that we must constantly develop and grow as professionals, individually and collectively.

At the core of what we do are the co-operative values of:

  • Self-Help

Encouraging all at Parkwood Hall to help each other by working together to gain mutual benefits.  Helping people to help themselves.

  • Self-responsibility 

To take responsibility for, and answer to, our actions.

  • Democracy

To give our stakeholders a say in the way we run our school.

  • Equality

Equal rights and benefits according to their contribution

  • Equity

Being fair and unbiased

  • Solidarity 

Supporting each other and those in other co-operatives

Our aim is for all our learners to be:

  • Co-operative
  • Creative
  • Independent

To achieve this we are:

We look for the best form ourselves and our students

Meeting a person’s physical and emotional needs so they can achieve their best

Learner Focused
Developing the skills and talents of all our learners.

We develop Resilience and a Can-do attitude across our learning community.

Underpinning everything we do are the Co-operative School’s Ethical values of:

  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Social Responsibility
  • Caring for others