Curriculum Model

Our curriculum is based on the model below. Our own version of the “three Rs” states that learning should be Relevant, Realistic and Rewarding. We use the following 8 headings to describe our areas of learning.

via speech, symbol, gesture, signing or electronic means

gradually developing ability to take responsibility for oneself

Numbers for Life 
relevant and realistic application of everyday maths

Words for Living
literacy within the young person’s scope and context

Understanding the World
making sense of where we are, encompassing aspects of humanities

Creative and Performing Arts
raising self-esteem, confidence and teamwork through drama, dance, music and art

Ourselves and Society
developing personal and social knowledge, understanding and skills

Health and How Things Work 
encompassing aspects of technology, science and PE

Our Curriculum Model:

We need to think about the life that our students live away from school – usually with their family, where they may show a very different set of abilities, knowledge and skills; and later the kind of life they may lead when they leave Parkwood, whether attending a college, working or accessing local adult services, where the criteria for support may be very different.

Assessment at Parkwood informs learning and teaching experiences and strategies. It is proportionate and relevant to the needs and abilities of the individual. It enables progress to be tracked towards targets identified on a student’s Education, Health Care Plan.

If you require further information regarding the curriculum please contact the school on 01322 664441.